Private Internet

By virtue of the Beta International IP Transit/Private Internet service, our customers are capable of accessing the Beta International IP backbone for speeds up to 10 Gbps. By virtue of the superior performance and unique security offered by the international network of Beta International, we are offering our customers the IP Transit/Private Internet service from any PoP point to another PoP point with the guaranteed service speed and quality.

Beta International also executed peering contracts with the leading IP Transit service providers of the world. By virtue of such contracts, Beta International not only manages to offer its customers high performance internet access, but also offer guaranteed high speed IP Transit access to the contents worldwide. Our IP Transit customers are capable of accessing the Beta International network from any PoP point, either in Turkey or at any international location.

Why should I prefer Beta International IP Transit service?

The most important issue that should be taken into consideration when choosing the service provider in the IP transit service market where multiple service providers are active is that there should be no congestion at internet access. The importance of the service provider comes forth at this point, as the data flow is reduced significantly in case of any congestion at the traffic. Beta International is the sole operator possessing the infrastructure and capacity capable of completely eliminating the congestion at the IP Transit traffic of the customers by virtue of the diversity, high performance and unique security offered to the customers.

The sectors listed below can enjoy our IP transit service:

  • Media and Entertainment
  • Content Providers
  • Social Networks
  • Finance
  • Bio Tech
  • Education
  • Law
  • Health Care
  • Transportation
  • Government Agencies
  • Security Forces
  • Telephone Operators
  • Internet Service Providers