International Leased Lines

The international leased circuits offered by Beta International connect two locations to each other for audio, video and/or data transmission services.

The leased circuits represent an adequate solution for the firms engaged with continuous data transfer between two locations. The most significant reason for preferring the leased circuits is that such lines have a bandwidth guaranteed for the network traffic.

Unlike the Ethernet services, the user has exclusive access to the leased circuit. Such exclusive access guarantees and ensures quality of speed and data transfer, thereby problems such as package losses or extended ping durations, latency, jitter, etc. are not experienced.

The leased circuits are preferred for ensuring speed at the data transfer between the institutions, organizations and/or their branches and performing the data transfer swiftly over a completely secure connection.

By virtue of the leased circuits;

  • The domestic and foreign remote offices can be interconnected
  • A completely private network covering all your locations might be formed
  • You can access the internet from a single point by virtue of the leased circuit.