Dark Fiber

Dark Fiber is the customer-specific point-to-point Fiber Optic infrastructure services offered by Beta International.

Dark fiber is the most onerous but most flexible infrastructure service. Dark Fiber means the fiber pairs with no light passing through, that is to say not connected to any equipment. Only the fiber is rented without any equipment. The customer then connects the fibers to its own equipment and sends a light (signal). The fibers are terminated at both ends of the line. Terminated fibers enable transmission of data with different capacities between both terminals. Then an amplifier and repeater are installed at every 50 to 100 km interval in order to supply the energy required for sending the signal to the next destination.

Dark fiber service varieties :

  • Use of multiple fibers on a single route
  • An entire cable allocated to a single customer
  • A buffer allocated to a single customer
  • Route or co-location allocated to a single customer