Beta International offer International Special Connection Circuits to its customers through leased circuits specific for Point-to-Point applications between end points of the customer. In cases when connection is required to any direction throughout the World which is hard to access, such problem is easily overcome through a special capacity by using IPLC service.
In general, there are two IPLC sections.

  • The first section is the point reaching to the midpoint of the any desired international circuit from Turkey through theoretical or geographical means
  • The second is such that the remaining half of the circuit reaches to the terminal point.

IPLC connection can be established by using the maritime or terrestrial cables or satellite infrastructure. The bandwidth for the IPLC service varies in the range of 64 Kbitps to 155 Mbitps.

IPLC service capacity is distributed to the rest of the world through the international network of Beta International. Beta International works in collaboration with the experienced partners throughout the world for the sake of ensuring local loop connection and the field of responsibility assumed by Beta International covers half of the circuit provided by the Beta International cabling or infrastructure through maintenance and invoicing and it represents a unique connection point for the sake of service management.