About Us

Incorporated in 1995, Beta International brings together the new generation internet infrastructure and the internet users by offering specific solutions, advanced infrastructure technologies and telecommunication services to the users and companies since the first day of incorporation. Beta International comprises of two different departments; technology products distributorship and telecommunication service provider. The company offers advanced infrastructure technologies and telecommunication services to its users and companies.

Beta International offers Point-to-Point Leased Line, Metro Ethernet, Dark Fiber, Data Center, Disaster Center, Cloud, CDN, Enterprise Internet and Enterprise Audio services to the leading companies in different sectors such as Logistics, Finance, Technology, Health Care, Insurance, Retail, Banking, Automotive through leading and sound IP/MPLS infrastructure established throughout the country and through POP points established in major cities of Turkey.

Regional Offices

  • Marmara Regional Office - Istanbul
  • Central Anatolia/Black Sea Regional Office - Ankara
  • Aegean/Mediterranean Regional Office- Izmir
  • Eastern Anatolia/Southeastern Anatolia Regional Office- Van

ISO Quality Certifications

  • ISO 27001:2005 –Safety Quality Certificate
  • ISO 9001-2000 – Quality Management System
  • TL9000:ISO - Telecom Quality Certificate
  • TSE - Turkish Standards Institution


  • ISP/ISS - Internet Service Provider
  • AIH - Fiber and Radio Link Infrastructure License
  • KYH - Cablecast
  • UHH -Satellite Communication
  • SMSH - Mobil Virtual Operator license
Beta International is formed by 5 companies, which are Küresel Beta, Sağlayıcı Hosting Solutions, Kürecell, Cloudeos and Süper Hızlı Net. With 15 distributorship agreements from 9 different countries, Beta International serves to the entire Turkey through regional offices in Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir and Van.