Radio Link Systems

Being an expert as regards LTE WiMAX, 4G/3G and high capacity Radio Link Systems access, Beta International brought together the fiber optic quality aerial access services through a single antenna to the end users. Offering specific technological solutions and advanced infrastructure technologies and telecommunication services to its users and companies since 1995, Beta International ensured that the internet users in Istanbul, Izmir, Ankara and Bursa obtain new generation internet infrastructure.

Offering an unrivaled technology to the service of its many customers in Turkey with speed in the range of 1 Gbit to 12 Gbit with 0.01 ms Latency by virtue of the aerial access services with fiber optic speed, Beta International enjoys the privilege of offering aerial fiber and wireless transfer technology through such services to many Telecom Operators, GSM Operators, Security Forces MOBESE systems, Military and Government Agencies, Metro and Railways, Universities, Ports , Marinas and private sector companies throughout Turkey.