Oursubmarine partner

Our network is first and only contractor of Turk Telekom A.S. for the maintenance of submarine cables laid Turkey Coasts. Our network realizing route survey, cable splicing, cable laying and commissioning activities by its vessel named Our network . In addition to fiber optic cables, Our network can use its capabilities for submarine pipeline, power cables and copper telecom cables laying operations. 

Some Indicators about the MARINE


Length : 60 mt
Width : 12 mt
Heigth : 6 mt
Gross Ton : 592 tons
Range : 5000 miles


R320S Submarine Repeater

R320S Submarine Repeater has been specially designed for DWDM applications including 980nm and/or 1480nm pumped Erbium Doped Optical Amplifiers (EDFAs). This technology enables high power amplification for optimized repeater spacing, a broader and flatter amplifier gain peak to allow for efficient channel packing density and a lower noise figure which results in more capacity over longer distances with the highest reliability. Each standard repeater is designed to accommodate up to 8 amplifier systems. The design of each amplifier pair ensures that an optical failure in the transmission path of one amplifier shall not affect the performance of the other amplifier in a pair or any other amplifier pair in the repeater.
  • Specially designed for highly reliable DWDM application
  • Employs 980nm and/or 1480nm pumped Erbium-Doped Fiber Amplifiers
  • Broader and flatter amplifier gain peak
  • Low noise figure
  • Accommodates up to 8 amplifier-systems (fiber pairs)
  • Ultra-resistant housing for depths up to 8000m
  • Compact size to facilitate deployment and shipboard handling

B320 - Branching Unit

The Branching Unit (BU) is laid underwater to branch out fiber transmission paths and Power-feeding paths to landing stations. The BU provides better economical solutions as well as excellent flexibility in networking with its multi-landing capability.

  • Provides fiber branching capabilities enabling highly flexible network configuration
  • Maximum of eight fiber pairs capability


NS320 Power Feed Equipment (PFE)

 When the DWDM signals are transmitted over a long distance, gain undulation is accumulated. The Block Equalizer has been developed to obtain flat characteristics through all channels and to maintain high quality transmission in long haul DWDM systems.

  • Precise current control, less than 0.5% of feeding current
  • High reliability (converter unit; m:n, control unit; 3:1)
  • Auto Load Transfer Function in double feeding configuration
  • Fault Localization Functions
  • (BU Control, DC Fault Localization, AC Current Electroding)


This equipment is used to identify and isolate any faults in the wet plant, providing full visibility of both repeaters and cable while the system is in-service.

  • Monitor maximum of 8 fiber pairs with one RFTE
  • In service fault monitoring of cables and repeaters
  • Locate the fault cable spot and repeater
  • Estimation of faults from cable loss and repeater output power
  • Record the history of repeater output to even for stability

NSV320 Management System

Most advanced Element Management System (EMS) is provided for the Line Terminal Equipment.

  • TMN Management conforming to the ITU-T Recommendation
  • Notification of alarms to an operator by real time indication and a buzzer
  • Performance monitor management function to collect performance status monthly, weekly or daily
  • History record management function to record alarm and status change of equipment
  • Maintenance setting function for maintenance and upgrade

10Gx32/64/96/128 DWDM System Achievements


System Length















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Under Evaluation

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